Spring Cleaning

Get Organized.

• Create an individual checklist for each room.
• Clean room by room and complete each checklist.
• Organize! – Having a specific location for your household items will help to keep everything tidy after you complete your Spring Cleaning.

Get Organized.
Bathroom & Kitchen Tips.

& Kitchen Tips.

• Keep disinfecting wipes under your bathroom and kitchen counters for quick clean-ups.
• Get your sponge off the counter! Use a binder clip to make a DIY Sponge Stand.
• Use a dishwand, to easily clean your tub or shower.

Make It Fun!

• Get the kids involved! Make your Spring Clean-Up a game by creating a chore wheel with prizes or a race whoever finishes first (while still doing a great job) gets a prize!

Make It Fun!
Easily Remove Pet Hair!

Easily Remove
Pet Hair!

• Use a squeegee or dish gloves to remove pet hair from furniture.

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