Fairvalue History


Fairvalue Food Stores are locally-owned and operated food stores dedicated to providing you with the very best service, variety and price. We have three locations in Granite Falls, Lenoir and Hudson to serve the residents of Caldwell County.

We are completely locally-owned and operated. All the money you spend stays right here in Caldwell County instead of ending up in foreign investors’ hands. Fairvalue has a sincere commitment to the Caldwell County community and the people who live here. We know it’s our responsibility to be involved and to contribute our share.

We operate clean, modern stores with low prices and friendly service every time you shop. We’re proud of the fact that we are home owned and operated, and that we can truly call ourselves “HOMETOWN FOLKS WHO BRING YOU THE BEST!”

Our Commitment to You!

At Fairvalue, we know that the bond with our customers is built on trust, and we feel we will never lose sight of the fact that trust is something we must earn every day with every visit you make to our stores. We pledge to continue to earn your trust with helpful, courteous and caring service; with fair prices; with excellent value for your dollar; and with a real concern and commitment to the people who make up our community. Fairvalue is proud of our involvement in this community and appreciates the opportunity to serve you.