Kodiak Cakes Power Bake Protein Packed Muffin Mix Blueberry Lemon

Kodiak Cakes® Power Bake Protein Packed Muffin Mix Blueberry Lemon. Whole Grains Taste Better®. 100% whole grains. Non-GMO, no preservatives. 15g protein as prepared. Net wt 14 ounces (397g). Try Kodiak Cakes' other great tasting, whole grain products. Power cakes flapjacks unleashed minute muffins. Kodiak Cakes. Baker Mills. Made with freshly ground grains and no preservatives. For optimal freshness store in refrigerator. Kodiak journey. We set out to embrace vitality from nature by harnessing the spirit of the Kodiak - a pristine wilderness with a rich ecosystem. Our journey with food began by restoring the whole grain tradition of flapjacks from the American frontier. In the process, we discovered that high quality foods closer- to nature are not only more wholesome, but far more delicious and packed with clean energy. They also inspire us to head outside and explore the trails, streams, and snow in our backyard mountains of Park City, Utah. We continue to rely on this spirit of the Kodiak to inspire the work we do, the food that we eat, and the way we play. The benefits of whole grains. At Kodiak Cakes, there's a reason we set out to restore the tradition of whole grain flapjacks - they are really good for you! Using whole grain flour instead of white flour in our mixes enables us to pack in more vitamins, minerals, and fiber. This helps your body's metabolism, making you feel fuller longer, and providing you with many digestive health benefits. Since it has a lower glycemic index, whole grain flour is also better at stabilizing your blood sugar. But that's just the beginning. Studies show that including whole grains in a daily nutrition plan can help regulate weight and decrease blood pressure. They can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Whole grains are just what you need to stay healthy and fuel your day. Non-GMO. Carton made from 100% recycled paper. For more recipes visit www.kodiakcakes.com. www.kodiakcakes.com.