Global Treasures Cinnamon Sticks

Global Treasures™ Cinnamon Sticks. Premium Quality. Spice up recipes drinks gifts & more!. Creative & Delicious Ideas on back. Net wt. 1.8oz (50g). Try our mulling spices too!. Cinnamon facts: Cinnamon, a natural product of the Cassia tree, in stick form stays very fresh. For fresh ground cinnamon, grind it as you need it. Use a food processor, spice mill or clean coffee grinder. For chunks, wrap it in a cloth and use a mallet or hammer to crush. Dress up Holiday gifts: Include in bows on packages. Use for craft and art projects. Stocking stuffers for cooks. Construction material for kid's projects. Make a holiday pin or other jewelry. Put Holiday Fragrance in the Air: Tuck in drawers and clothes. simmer on the stove. Fireplace aroma - simply add to the fire. Decorate the Tree and Wreaths: Add to bow on holiday wreaths. Make tree ornaments. Use in floral arrangements. Spice up Recipes and Drinks: Use as swizzle sticks in drinks. Garnish an apple pie. Mexican, India, Thai and Asian recipes. Sprinkle on toast. Make cinnamon apples. Spiced cider - warm up cinnamon chunks with cloves, allspice and orange peel. Try spiced wine or fruit juices. Add to apple sauce. Sprinkle on cookies.